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Miss Pavlova

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Founded in 2013 by Ana Maio, Miss Pavlova began with a social media page and the start of selling her very popular dessert, all after she became unemployed. The name Pavlova comes from the dessert she was selling.

A Pavlova is a type of meringue that is crispy on the outside and with a creamy filling on the inside. Located since 2015 in the almada 13 shop, their space is modern, beautiful, and their Pavlovas make the space full of color. In 2018 it opened a space in Norteshopping.

In 2020, in the same street where she took his first steps, she opened her own shop with a facade so charming that it is impossible to resist visiting.

The service is friendly and excellent and the price-quality ratio totally accessible. An ideal space to stay, work or simply enjoy a dessert.

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Rua do Almada 21
4050-036 Porto

915 979 517

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