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Casa do Infante


The building now known as Casa Museu do Infante was built to be the costums house to the maritime goods in the middle of the 14th century. The House of Coin was there built decades after as part of the whole building complex so that there could be issued bank notes and coins of each country.

Tradition states that in the end of the same century there was born Henry the Navigator, the fifth son of king Dom João I with Filipa of Lencaster, fathers to the Ínclita Geração. Henry, being one of the forerunners of the Portuguese discoveries the building hosts an exhibition focused on its ethnographic side.

Today the medieval building can be visited, where it can still be seen some roman mosaics and other marks from their time in Porto, an exhibition of tiles and an other about the building itself and its passage through time since the romans, a model of it and a model of medieval Porto.
At the moment it functions like headquarters of the Historic Archive of the Port.

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Rua da Alfândega, 10
4050-029 Porto

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Monument & Heritage